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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Jett's descriptive paragraph

A Humpback whale

When I look at an elegant giant of a humpback whale jumping out of the sea. I see specks of water flying everywhere. I also see crusty white barnacles and eyes as big as saucers! Then he crashes back down to the surface and starts to slowly dive down ,down, down, and I see his shadow slowly fade away! :)      

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Alice's Triathlon

Wednesday’s Triathlon
On Wednesday 19th of March my whole class went to the triathlon at the Events Centre in Frankton. I was an individual! There were lots doing teams and lots and people doing individual!

I thought the swim was the hardest to do because I’m not a good swimmer! The year 5/6s had to do 4 lengths and the years 7/8s had to do 6 lengths! The bike was quite hard for me because the seat on my bike kept going down and the gears did not make a difference when I changed them so I had to bike really low on my seat! When you get off your bike to go and start the run. Sometimes I feel a tiny bit dizzy so I ran really wonky!

The year 7/8s had to bike and run and swim a bit longer than the 5/6s! As you run over the finish line you feel really proud of yourself and you really do if you finish as an individual or as team too!!

I loved the triathlon and I can’t wait until next year! But next year I’m going to do a team and I want to do the run because the swim is really hard and I don’t have a bike, so I have to do the run!! Cant Wait!!


Sonya's Triathlon

The Triathlon
On Wednesday the 19th of March we went to the school triathlon and my team came 10th. Others came first, second or third and they have to compete in Cromwell.  We all  had to do running,swimming or biking, some did all of them. You could only go in a team of three no more or less.

The weather wasn't the best. When the swimmers came out of the pool they have to sprint to their biker then the biker had to ride as fast as they can for two laps. Then they jump of their bike and tag the runner and the runner will sprint as fast as they can.We all had fun and enjoyed.

By Sonya Sunder

Delicious Descriptive writing

Ice Cream Sundae - the best!

As I walk into the Ice Cream shop I see lots of kids getting one. I ordered a vanilla, strawberry and chocolate sundae with a big drizzle of chocolate sauce on it and pile of sugary whipped cream!! mmmmm - yummy! I had raspberries plopped on top of the whipped cream . I get a spoon and take a mouth full and think to myself - I could live on this! I keep imagining the ice cream coming out of the pottle getting the whipped cream and the chocolate sauce. Mmmmm sooo good!!


Relay for Life

The relay for life
The relay for life is a fundraiser for the cancer society.Our school did the relay for life and we used a baton to run, jog or walk around the field. In the morning Mr winders told us what we were going to do all day. He also started the first class. We also had to bring a gold coin donation and  wear pink or blue. There was pedometer for each class to tell us how far we had ran.We had to keep the batton going all day without stopping. Each class had to come at a planned time to run around the field with the baton until the next class came out but there were not certain amounts of time we were supposed to be out for so we were out for fifteen to twenty five minutes.

Jesse M